About the Dog

My name is Randy Simmons. I have been Dr. Carpenter’s webmaster and media assistant since 2006. My first internet username was “aliendog,” and much of the work I do on the web is under the name Alien Dog Digital Media.

This is not the official blog site of Dr. Carpenter nor that of Lase Med Inc.; but Dr. Carpenter’s articles are often mirrored here, in addition to my own input, from the particular aspects of the conspiracy against her that I have witnessed first hand, having been victimized right along side of her by a cointelpro-style gang stalking organization that is hell bent on destroying her. This organization infiltrated even my own neighborhood in 2011 and managed to turn perfect strangers into enemies, spawning “street theater” performances, with the perps picking fights on my doorstep and committing random acts of vandalism against my family and myself.

One day the ring leader of this stalking gang, a woman in Georgia, said on a web forum, in a post addressed to us, that she was going to “contact our neighbors and tell them they have MURDERERS living on their block…” MURDERERS! (Because a friend of hers, whom Dr. Carpenter had treated, went for the chemo that Dr. Carpenter begged her not to take, because it would kill her, and it killed her.)  Less than a week later, this hateful crazy person next door was violently banging on our front door, foaming at the mouth, and screaming “I KNOW WHAT YOU PEOPLE ARE!!! WE ALL KNOW WHAT YOU PEOPLE ARE!!!” I called the police to report her. When they arrived, they went straight to HER house and were there for at least 30 minutes before they ever showed up at my door. When they finally came to our house, they ordered ME to stay off HER property (I had never set foot on it)… and the next day, this “person” next door proceeded to have security cameras installed on the corner of her house closest to ours… as if SHE was afraid! Does it get any more insane than that?

Yes, it actually does. That same week, I, as admin of Dr. Carpenter’s Facebook page for her radio show The Medical Conspiracy, posted a true account of the events of that day. Within 48 hours of posting the account, ANOTHER neighbor, from TWO HOUSES DOWN, was banging at my door, with another person who had a camera trained on me. This “neighbor” had paper copies of our Facebook page in his hand, and he was waving it in my face, saying that we did not have the right to talk about any of this, and doing his best to get me to take a swing at him, as his “witness” friend continued to record the encounter. We have had people try to pick fights, we have had garbage thrown on our lawn regularly, we have had obscene graffiti spraypainted on our vehicles, car windows broken out, gps and cd’s stolen, a back yard koi pond ruined so that it would not hold water and the fish would die, even animal control called on our dog for BARKING… by a lady with two loud and obnoxious dogs of her own.

(Dec 10, 2016) A new image has been added at the bottom of this page. Most of the “neighbor problems” we experienced happened between 2010 and 2012, but two days ago we found a threatening message scratched into the front door walkway. It read “I WILL KILL YOU!” It’s been a few years since our last run-in with neighbors over Dr. Carpenter, but now that she is serving a Federal sentence, labeled a fraud for saving lives, on house arrest, at our house, it’s difficult to believe that it is not related to the other problems we have experienced here. Someone is not satisfied that the government nailed her to the wall, they want her to be in constant fear as well.

(Dec 18, 2016) Eight days later, my daughter went out to play in the “dusting” of snow we got the night before, and saw the same message again, in the same handwriting, in the snow on the driveway. “I WILL KILL YOU.” She started taking phone pictures, which included some footprints left behind. She came in to show us, and by the time we went out to look at it, the culprit had already returned and scuffed up his footprints.



Eight days later, my daughter found this written in the snow on the driveway.

Apparently our neighbor stood at attention afterward.


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