The NWO in Action Part 2: Why Isn’t Mike Adams Talking? by Julie Mitchell

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Thursday, October 25, 2012 20:59

In March of this year I published my first article exposing Alex Jones and Mike Adams in reference to the manufacturing of fictitious news reports on the part of both InfoWars and Natural News.  When I published that first article in reference to the feral swine issues in the state of Michigan, little did I know that it would morph into a project that has essentially consumed the vast majority of the time that have to devote to the research of such things, but that has been precisely the case.

I have previously written that for a very long time I lived a life of relative isolation, with the vast majority of my time consumed by the task of child rearing and earning a degree, in addition to working some very hard jobs.  Many people over the last several months have inquired as to what exactly it was that “woke me up,” and the only honest answer I have to offer is to say that nothing did.  To be “awake” just seems to be the nature of what it means to be me, and I was fortunate enough to be blessed with a sense of perception and instincts that are “off the charts,” so to speak.

Although I remained for a very long time unaware of the details and the intricacies that underlie the conspiracy that has gripped the world since long before any “scholar” would concede that humanity has existed as part of the historical record, my own observations in terms of the vast majority of the people that comprise American “civilization” as I encountered them, in conjunction with the obvious corruption within and manipulation of the people by what we refer to as “government” was more than sufficient to lead me to conclude that something is very, very wrong on this planet.

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