Dr. Carpenter Saved My Life

My Second Chance

It is with humble heart that I write this letter of gratitude to you Dr. Carpenter, for all that you endure by conspiring men (and women) whose hearts are blinded by what has been an absolute miracle to me, and to a lot of other women suffering with breast cancer.

My story:

Nine months ago, I came to Oklahoma to have your laser treatments, and my life has been changed drastically ever since that time. I was diagnosed with breast cancer two and a half years earlier. After listening and studying the traditional treatments, I chose the alternative, and tried to cure myself through natural means. It was a long hard two and a half years. I tried EVERYTHING and had some success, but was still frustrated with the overall outcome. I still had cancer after spending many hours doing therapies each day, spending thousands of dollars on other remedies, and spending many hours on my knees pleading to God for answers. From the moment that I heard about Dr. Carpenter’s laser therapy, my heart was touched and knew that the Lord had prepared someone who not only had the answers, but also had a solution that was time tested and actually worked! After talking to Dr. Carpenter, I understood how and why this treatment would work, and knew that the Lord, was finally answering my prayers with a real solution.

Can you imagine, after all that I had been through in the past two and a half years, and all of the unconventional things that I had done, and now, after only three days with Dr. Carpenter, the tumor was dead? Well, that is exactly how it happened. Imagine how life would change for all breast cancer victims if they too, knew about Dr. Carpenter? What a miracle! Imagine life if women weren’t threatened with their lives, and knew that they had an option other than cutting off body parts, chemotherapy, radiation and the many surgeries that accompany the aftermath of such treatments! Dr. Carpenter had the answer for me!

Read More: http://drcarpentersavedmylife.wordpress.com


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