“If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”

–Malcolm X

It is common knowledge that the healthcare industry has become a virtual monopoly controlled by pharmaceutical interests with inordinate amounts of influence in Washington, D.C., and beyond; and that arguably the most monopolistic arm of the industry is that of oncology, the sub-industry dedicated to treating cancer… and as many would affirm, perpetuating it. Many are aware that from its inception, as the “science” of oncology has advanced, cancer rates have advanced right along with it; as the standard practices of diagnostics and treatment more often than not either create cancer or spread existing cancer. It is also widely known that many who have tried to go against accepted norms of the industry, with more effective and less harmful methods (Heaven forbid new paradigms), have been met with violent opposition, persecution, and in some cases demonized as charlatans and “quacks.” Names like Caisse, Rife, and Burzynski are now household names. There are others not as well known, but still just as violently opposed by the status-quo, and by a less-than-impartial (to say the least) government.

Case in point: Antonella Carpenter, PhD; Italian-born physicist specializing in laser systems development, who in 1993 patented the world’s first laser hyperthermia therapy for killing cancer in place without the use of drugs, surgery, or radiation; a therapy known as LIESH (Light Induced Enhanced Selective Hyperthermia). Since 2008 (roughly the same time that her name, and that of her company, Lase Med, Inc., had gained a certain level of recognition among those in the alternative medical community both in the United States and abroad), Dr. Carpenter has been made the target of an ongoing ideological conflict, perpetuated by an industry that in the defense of its market share, has set out to discredit her contribution to medical science with one hand, while trying to replicate and take credit for it with the other.



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