The Medical Conspiracy: Colonel Bill Henderson, Controlled False Opponent of Oncology.

The individual who set up the web site “Beating Cancer Gently” is none other than Bill Henderson, considered a true humanitarian by the public seeking alternatives to the mainstream approach to cancer treatment.

His “unselfish” concern for the general public is supposedly derived from the fact that his (we assume) first wife died from cancer. However, digging a bit into his personal information, unselfish does not seem quite appropriate; example: his being able to move from the mountains of North Carolina to California. Hmm… altogether a pretty expensive change.

The same individual on his site is supposedly accepting all posts, unbiasedly and independently from the source. Not so, in the issues related to LASE MED, Inc. Apparently only the slanderous and negative posts seem to be retained on his site, often from individuals who were never patients, and who are giving ridiculous details which do not apply at all to the cases of cancer LMI treats. At the same time, favorable posts about LMI have continued to mysteriously disappear, as if they had never existed.

Opposition and slander of LASE MED, Inc. is not limited to third party posts; the man himself has made unfair remarks about Dr. Carpenter, who being “fed up” with it after a point, has appropriately responded to said comments on her radio program. Having been accused of being rude and belligerent, she has explained that such comments are plain retaliation for having exposed the futility of viewing cancer as a systemic disease, and of making it a lifetime concern for the patient, needing constant and strict maintenance, controlled diet, and a multitude of “natural supplements”. Again the same Colonel Henderson has warned the “consumers” to beware of LASE MED, Inc.

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