The Medical Conspiracy: Michelle Wolven, aka “Shutdownlasemedinc,” Career Agent-Provocateur…

Originally we were going to talk about Bill Henderson and the website “Beating Cancer Gently” in this section; however, due to recent events, we are going to move on and discuss the case of one whom we originally assumed to be an ignorant and misguided housewife. However, since then we have discovered that said individual, who is marring the web with slanderous, as well as totally unfounded lies and accusations in the form of forum postings and videos, is nothing more than a ordinary agent provocateur. She has a You Tube channel dedicated to the defamation of Dr. Carpenter, with the username “Shutdownlasemedinc.”

For the members of the public who are not familiar with the term “agent-provocateur” and its implications, we will point out that the epithet is intended to identify “professional” individuals, who are paid by special interest groups, to create havoc and escalating disturbances, to divert public opinion from the real issues at stake and to do serious damage to the targeted individuals and organizations, with slanderous lies and distortion of facts.

Their actions are intended to create public furor, so that their target is put out of business, through financial ruin or even murder, if everything else fails. The most obvious example of this role is represented by demonstrators picketing abortion clinics, who are not necessarily following the philosophical principles involved, but are simply paid to do serious and sometimes tragic damage to the selected target. Readers may remember one such case, Dr. George Tiller, who was shot to death at point blank range in church by a religious fanatic, brought on by this exact type of powder-keg packing treachery, and the social climate which it produced.

Dr. Carpenter, having grown up in Northern Italy, is very familiar with these kinds of individuals, who in Europe were mostly involved in political issues and went by the name of “Agit-Prop,” short for “Agitator/Propagandist,” to stress their main interest.

In our specific case, the culprit is one Michelle Wolven, who apparently is quite well known, and we dare say, extremely disliked in the Atlanta, Georgia area, for the disorder and headaches she Michelle Wolvencreates on a regular basis. In addition to her first Facebook group, which we successfully had removed because the title of the group was itself a slander, she now has a new Facebook group, masked as a prayer group to mourn her (alleged) friend, who, over a year after being treated at LMI, was tragically killed by the establishment, first with lies and finally with chemotherapy and morphine. It is called “In Memory of (name withheld),” but one look at the lefthand margin links on the page will tell you what it is, simply another anti- Lase Med slandering post.

Here are some hyperlinks reporting on her activities:
(Quote from above webpage: “One morning, when I informed another escort that I was going to the car to get my sunglasses, Michelle Wolven looked at me and said, “It is the demons inside you that can’t stand the sun!” Not only does Wolven believe that I and other escorts are possessed by demons, she also claims to have photographs of yours truly in robes, performing pagan sacrifices.”)

The Medical Conspiracy: Michelle Wolven, Agent-Provocateur..


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