The Medical Conspiracy: Don’t Lose Valuable Time!

Before & After

My name is Robert Criscuolo, but since I am a puppeteered mouthpiece for money interests, I have been given the nickname “Pinocchio.” My job is to follow Lase Med, Inc., and Antonella Carpenter, PhD, across the internet, and to stress to you that if you go to her with certain cancers to be treated with LIESH Laser Therapy, that VALUABLE TIME will be lost, and that it could be your demise.

What does “valuable time” mean? That means that every time a cancer patient goes to be treated by Dr. Carpenter, a major financial pillar of our nation’s economy LOSES. Every positive cancer diagnosis made in “modern” oncology (which would include the multitudes of false positives generated with their “best” diagnostic methods) equates to an average estimate of somewhere between one and two million dollars’ worth of revenue, between the time of diagnosis and the time of death, in exchange for the FALSE HOPE which they sell (while being quick and unfailing to accuse outsiders, those outside their criminal enterprise, of doing exactly the same); for an entire industry whose gross profits exceed the gross national product of SEVERAL NATIONS, and who depend upon this revenue for a living. Therefore, the time between diagnosis and death is referred to as “VALUABLE TIME” by the industry.

The Medical Conspiracy: Don’t Lose Valuable Time!.


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