Living in the Crosshairs

My name is Randy Simmons. For the last five years I have worked for Antonella Carpenter, PhD, of Lase Med Inc., and “The Medical Conspiracy,” Dr. Carpenter’s radio show which began on Liberty News Radio in 2009 and now airs on Orion Talk Radio.

I’ve decided to start my own blog, to relate if possible, some of the strangest experiences of my life, working for someone whose innovation in medical science should have changed the entire face of cancer treatment across the globe by now; but who, thanks to the medical mafia’s finely tuned and choreographed attacks on her, and it’s insistence in protecting the financial interest of the pharmaceutical status quo, is fighting a concerted effort to make her name go down in infamy, and her contribution to science fade into oblivion.

Due to the fact that I work for Dr. Carpenter, but even more due to the fact that I am married to her daughter, the father of one of her grandchildren, and stepdad to her other two, I have been right in the crosshairs of the rifle scope with her. When I met my wife Wendy, I had no idea what her mother did, contrary to what some online provocateurs have said in blogs, that I chased her because I thought she was rich. Wendy and I dated for over a year before getting married, and not until FAR into the first year of our marriage did I even know that her mother was the inventor of a laser procedure for killing cancer. At about the same time that my wife took maternity leave from the hotel where we both worked, I left my hotel job and began working for Dr. Carpenter, both in the office and gradually learning about graphics and html, to expand her website.

To be continued…


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